Our Farm

hay field

On our farm we don’t use Hormone Implants or Routine Antibiotics.
We are striving to be a Non-Certified Organic, Sustainable, Grass-based Family Farm with a focus on quality grass-fed beef, lamb, chevon (goat meat), and sustainable pastured pork produced from Heritage Livestock Breeds.

We raise Registered Red Poll, Murray Grey, and Irish Dexter Cattle for grass-fed Beef, Registered St. Croix Hair Sheep for grass-fed lamb, Myotonic Meat Goats for grass-fed chevon (goat meat), Registered Red Wattle Hogs for pastured pork. Grass-fed or grass-only means just that. Our cattle, hair sheep, and goats are raised on an all forage diet in a managed grass system, and they receive no grain in their diets. The hogs & chickens are raised on soil and pasture with grain as part of their diet. We believe this produces a superior product for human consumption, is better for the animals’ health, and we believe it is how God intended ruminants to be raised.
“All flesh is grass and the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field.”– Isaiah 40:6

We have regular posts about our animals and what is going on around the farm under the News tab at Farm Life

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